Yurii Pupyrin
Yurii Pupyrin
Окончил КНУТКиТ им. И.К. Карпенка-Карого за специальностью «Режиссер телевидения», где также учился в аспирантуре на кафедре «Киноведение».
Date of birth
A mission of a Ukrainian soldiers' group belonging to a territorial self-defense battalion. They are en route to a battle position situated in a "gray zone," mere hundreds of meters away from enemy positions. Their task involves spending two days concealed from enemy fire, discreetly observing the adversary, assisting in artillery fire adjustments, and simply surviving. In the event of an attack, their role is to be the first to engage in combat.
27 min
The movie is about Yarik "Rascal" Godunok, the commander of a volunteer squad in the Russo-Ukrainian War. His small unit held the defense of one of the villages in Kyiv region against Russian troops for almost a month. During this time, he survived many shellings, got wounded several times, and had to overcome the distrust of military officials. One of the neighboring villages was destroyed, and several of his comrades died. In the end, he lived to see the Russian army withdraw in disgrace from the northern parts of Ukraine.
Yarik the Rascal
84 min
The film tells about several months of life of some people from Ukraine who have to work in Poland as builders now. Different characters, social status and age, day after day they work hard, remember the past, make plans for the future, interact with each other and try to adapt to the conditions of a foreign country. And ahead in the future, literally in a few months, a big war is invisibly approaching their homeland Ukraine.
61 min
Ivan, living in a big city, was able to create his own world on the outskirts for many years, located several tens of kilometers, consisting of dozens of small gardens, thousands of trees, dozens of reservoirs and even an island dug with his own hands with a bathhouse and a garden.
White crow
58 min
The film tells about a man who spent his whole life to achieve his goal, but now he is not sure of the correctness of his path.
Loser, or Me and Jihlava
17 min
A film about the fate and life of Vasil Kindratsky, one of the representatives of the volunteer movement with the call sign "Kindrat". This is not a classic portrait film, but a kind of requiem film, a journey through memories and places where Kindrat lived and fought. The conductor is his friend and colleague Boris Gumenyuk, for whom the history of relations with Kindrat is very personal. Having met and befriended Kindrat in the war, he tries bit by bit to learn and reconstruct that part of his comrade's life that he did not witness, and for this he meets with Kindrat's close relatives, friends and colleagues. Going to the places where he fought, Boris in a new way understands the path that his comrade went from the moment he entered the war until his death.
54 min
The film tells about a short period in the life of a talented person, musician, poet, who once studied as a director, who cannot overcome his weaknesses and always balances on the edge.
Sanya the Stoker
49 min
In the center of the film are the stories of several Ukrainian volunteers who, during the confrontation in the East of Ukraine, could not stay away from someone else's pain and suffering and began to help in the treatment and care of the Ukrainian military. Each of them has their own stories and memories that exist in their every gesture and look.
41 min
A story about the life of an ordinary Ukrainian village, with its sorrows and joys. A story about the simple life of rural people who think little about the past and future, but live in the present here and now, doing specific everyday affairs, slowly adapting to the changes coming from the outside world.
On this side of the Earth
88 min