Andrei Kutsila
Andrei Kutsila
Окончил Белорусский государственный университет (международная журналистика) и Белорусскую академию изящных искусств. Сотрудничал с продюсерами и телеканалами и участвовал во многих образовательных программах (включая IDFAcademy и Berlinale Talents).
Belarus, 2020. Not so far away, history is in the making. While an entire nation stands up, united for their truth, demanding free and fair elections, police violence erupts and peaceful protesters are put in jail. Physically and mentally traumatized people try to live on. Through the stories of ordinary Belarussian families, we see pain and hope and feel the fear and determination of these people.
When Flowers Are Not Silent
71 min
An old woman lives in a remote village in Belarus. While the end of her life approaches, she starts to read the worn-out notebooks of her daughter. Together we go on a journey to the unknown world of a person who is abandoned and forgotten by everybody.
I Need the Handshakes
18 min
The film tells the story of a small family, consisting of a grandfather retired from the army, and his stripper grandson. It is not just a story of a relationship, but rather a reflection of entire Belarus and the post-Soviet. Moreover, it’s a universally-recognized reflection of a generation gap.
Strip and War
68 min
Belarusian video blogger and young farmer Simon, a deeply religious Orthodox Christian, always liked getting philosophical on life, admire Mother Nature and share it with the world. For the last 5 years he and his wife have been living in the village, where they raise two little sons and breed sheep. It seemed nothing could interfere with this joyful harmonious existence in the wilderness. Nevertheless, local residents, administration and the head of the collective farm do not approve of the independent lifestyle of the young family and their open neglect of common rules on life in the village and animal husbandry. Series of litigations exhaust Simon, his video blog gets filled with sarcasm on his previous illusions about romantic ways of life in the nature. Praying God doesn’t help anymore and the farmer dares for a desperate action – hunger strike. He thinks it is the only way to be heard in his struggle with the Belarusian judicial system. Either way, the hunger strike transforms into not so much a social protest as into a trial for the strength of the spirit, faith and love.
King of the Hill
46 min