Elena Nemyh
Elena Nemyh
Режиссер, сценарист, продюсер. Член гильдии неигрового кино, Киносоюза и Гильдии режиссеров России. Окончила курсы режиссеров художественных программ ВГИКа (мастерская Е. Ташкова). Была режиссером документальных фильмов Первого канала и НТВ.
Tragic stories of Ostarbeiters, slaves of the Third Reich, prisoners and victims of Nazi Germany and Stalin's camps, love, betrayal, suffering and much more in a documentary drama.
Under the label OST
52 min
On the day of their departure from France, there were few people in the station restaurant, and bourgeois Paris sparkled outside the windows. 1947 The parents of Nikita Krivoshein had something to lose. But in a comfortable prosperous life, the main thing was missing. White emigrants Krivosheins wanted to benefit the country from which they had once fled.
Suitcase. Railway station. Russia
45 min
They have old Russian names, they still observe the old Russian rituals and traditions. Unlike other Old Believer colonies in America, where children almost no longer speak Russian, many of whom have gone to the cities and disappeared among the locals, here in Bolivia they have retained their rural Russian language and faith. They walk in bast shoes and sundresses under the Bolivian palm trees and look like characters from Russian fairy tales, who somehow ended up in this distant country. The main thing is that, having left their homeland and living far from it, they claim that they are happy because they are free.
Russian fairy tales of Bolivia
30 min