Vadim Gasanov
Vadim Gasanov
На телевидении с 1995 года. Автор и режиссер 30 документальных фильмов общественно-политической и исторической тематики. Лауреат нескольких российских и международных премий.
On July 13, 1969, US President Richard Nixon was awakened by a phone call. According to the information provided to him by the CIA, the Russians launched a robot to the moon, which should take the soil and return to Earth. Nixon calls an emergency meeting. Experts report that the situation is critical. In exactly 3 days, the United States will send the first expedition to the moon in the history of mankind. The rocket is already on the launch pad, but Moscow refuses to disclose the flight path of its apparatus. This means that the Apollo 11 spacecraft could collide with the Russian missile. Nixon gives the order not to cancel the start of the American crew. This flight was supposed to put an end to the "space" dispute that began 8 years ago.
Battle for the moon
44 min