Andrey Silvestrov
Andrey Silvestrov
Кинорежиссер, продюсер, актер и художник. Работает на стыке независимого кинематографа и современного искусства. Продюсировал картины Олега Мавроматти и Светланы Басковой.
The project tells about the closed world of the Russian prison through its specific language. However, the concepts and slang words that prisoners use in their speech perfectly illustrate what is happening not only in the zone. The protagonists of the project are people convicted under various articles, both political and criminal. Businessmen and entrepreneurs, artists and activists, policemen and workers, DJs and officials, writers and professional thieves, men and women, they all become guides to the world of the prison.
Prison Alphabet
24 min
In the winter of 2021 rallies were held in Russia in support of Alexei Navalny. People protested against the arrest of the politician. The number of those detained at the rallies exceeded 17,000 people, many of whom received administrative punishment in the form of arrest. There were not enough places for detention in Moscow, and therefore the detainees were sent to the Center for the temporary detention of foreign citizens in Sakharovo near Moscow. As a result, an unusual group of people gathered in the special detention center - almost a thousand young men and women who were close in spirit. This film is their memories of their days behind bars.
77 min
The Center for Contemporary Art on Yakimanka is one of the most important contemporary art institutions of the 1990s in Moscow. It was here that the first open platform for any form of self-expression was created. New artists, gallery owners and curators appeared here, the main events of the artistic life of the last decade of the 20th century took place.
Yakimanka, 90s
53 min