Roman Bondarchuk
Roman Bondarchuk
Украинский режиссер, сценарист и монтажер художественных и документальных фильмов. Арт-директор кинофестиваля «Docudays UA». Вошел в ТОП-100 людей культуры Украины в 2017 году. Его лента «Украинских шерифы» была выдвинута от Украины на премию «Оскар».
Date of birth
Waves of the Black Sea are crashing against the pier, the sun is shining and the sky is blue. Children's orchestra "Dixieland" is playing a march. The teacher is listening. It seems that the happiness will last forever, but growing up is inevitable. Suddenly, it turns out that the teacher is mortal, and your friends have their own plans for life. Medals and orchestral instruments are glittering in the sun, but every child has their personal destiny - with or without music.
Dixie Land
60 min
In UKRAINIAN SHERIFFS we follow Viktor and Volodya, two men who have been appointed local sheriffs by the mayor in the town of Stara Zburyevka, Ukraine. While dealing with crimes such as stolen ducks and drunken neighbors, the news about the war is slowly creeping in on them through their televisions and the invitations to join the army. UKRAINIAN SHERIFFS gives us look beyond the war and inside everyday life in a Ukrainian village, with a great eye for the shady side of life.
Ukrainian sheriffs
85 min
Three months of revolution. From indignant protest to popular unity. From pots on your head to clubs and bulletproof vests. From the euphoria of victory to the mourning of the dead from the Heavenly Hundred. The revolution is like an explosion of awakened dignity, like the euphoria of freedom, like the pain of realizing the price, like the birth of the newest history of Ukraine. Just a few weeks after the end of the revolution, the organizing committee of the International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival "Docudays UA" hot on the trail of the filmmakers who filmed the Ukrainian protest asked them to provide their best footage to be shown at the opening of the festival. Episodes of future films about Euromaidan have formed a kaleidoscope of revolution that needs no comment.
Euromaidan. Rough cut
82 min