Ruslan Fedotow
Ruslan Fedotow
Began his career as cinematographer. Graduated from the Academy of Arts in 2012 and moved to Moscow, where he graduated from the Moscow School of New Cinema in 2015. Currently he is a student of Master Degree Docnomads program.
Date of birth
Andrey and Alisa are a couple of 16 year-old refugee artists from Ukraine that were forced to leave their country because of the war and found a temporary home in Budapest, Hungary. While Russians keep bombing Kharkiv, their hometown, Andrey and Alisa teach at a school for refugee kids and express their protest through street performances. These naive performances unveil a painful dilemma for Hungarian citizens. Hungary still cannot decide which side of the military conflict to choose.
28 min
A documentary observation of the life of the Moscow passenger metro throughout the year. Salavecis, who judges Dostoevsky, the paratroopers in the same carriage as the American Marines and the tragedies and joys of occasional travellers merge into a poetic essay about modern Russia. The well-known metro lobbies with marble walls and gilded lamps create the ideal theatrical backdrop for an absurd tragedy without a protagonist. The Moscow metro corridors are a miniature model of society in a twilight, a neutral zone, in which characters and relationships are clearly drawn.
Where are we headed?
63 min
A miniature woman in a bright red scarf, holding a plush mouse. Looking at her, you would not guess that she is 50 and that she has not been home for three years. An incredible love for life does not let her freeze on the cold streets of Moscow.
Songs for Kit
56 min
Time stopped in Salamanca two hundred years ago when the first Mennonites moved to Mexico in search of their place on earth. Here everything is predetermined in advance, and the life of descendants repeats the life of their ancestors. While the protagonist of the film remembers his childhood, trying to find the right answer to the most important question of his life, days, months, and years pass slowly in Salamanca.
41 min
This is a story about grown children. Adults in their 10 years. Cigarettes and alcohol, rudeness and childish immediacy, these few words can describe the world in which Nikita lives. He has 4 grades of elementary school behind him, but now it’s not up to school anymore, he has to earn money and take care of his alcoholic mother. Nikitin's comrades are also "children of the streets." What we called "happy childhood" seems to be losing relevance. And does Nikita need it?
Simonova str., 26
26 min