Andrey Osipov
Andrey Osipov
Российский режиссёр документального кино. Заслуженный деятель искусств Российской Федерации. Член Академии кинематографических искусств «Ника» и «Золотой Орёл».
Date of birth
Have we transferred from the past, from the 30-50s of the Soviet period, the features, behavior, character, habits and values of that time? Has the lived period changed our cultural identity?
Moon phase
60 min
The series is dedicated to the events of the Great Patriotic War, which forever changed the history of all mankind. With the help of documents and irrefutable facts, the authors managed to debunk the myths that falsified historical events for decades. The largest evacuation of the industry of the USSR in 1941, the legendary Soviet aviation and navy, invincible infantry, and people, each of whom is a step towards Victory.
Eternal Patriotic
303 min
How did the most famous ruler of the 20th century, who committed terrible massacres for decades, manage to attract the most sincere, most devoted love of 120 million people and keep this love in many hearts to this day? What is the main secret of Joseph Stalin?
54 min
A poetic film essay on the verses of Arseny Tarkovsky reveals the secret of the fate and work of three outstanding film artists, Sergei Parazhdanov, Andrei Tarkovsky, Alexander Antipenko.
Parajanov. Tarkovsky. Antipenko. Chiaroscuro
60 min
Much has been said about World War II, but not much more has been said. The film shows the war through the eyes of German soldiers. This is a story about a fateful fatal mistake of choice that caused the most brutal war in the history of mankind.
Eastern Front
60 min
Koktebel. New destinies. Secrets and insights of the culture of the Silver Age.
Forgotten flights
47 min
In Crimea, Koktebel is called the country of blue peaks. This is a story about those who discovered and glorified Koktebel as a country of peaks of the spirit, as one of the life-giving springs of the great Russian culture.
Koktebel pebbles
90 min
Valery Bryusov is a symbolist poet, an idol of women, covered with scandalous fame. How could it happen that he became the first Soviet censor, a participant in the very initial oppression of Russian poets for ideological reasons? How and why did the brightest star of the unique Silver Age of Russian literature fade and die out?
I will be the leader!
52 min
The question of the protection of the Russian emperor was very delicate. The tradition provided for a special attitude of the people to the personality of the anointed of God, who personified the greatness of the country. And yet the life of the monarch was often in mortal danger.
Bless and save
52 min
Artistic reconstruction of the life of one person, the Poet. Although Marina Tsvetaeva is known not only for her work, but also for her difficult fate, the painting "Passion for Marina" deserves the interest of even those who believe that they will not tell him anything new about Tsvetaeva. The film uses memoir prose, letters and notebooks, diaries, memoirs and letters of contemporaries; fragments of films from the collection of the State Film Fund of Russia and the Russian State Archive of Film and Photo Documents.
Passion for the Marina
55 min
The film, consisting of eight parts, is fragments of Andrei Bely's biography scattered over time.
The hunt for an angel, or the four loves of a poet and a soothsayer
55 min
100 years of Russian history, 7 major wars. They claimed human lives, destroyed cities and even countries. Frames of a unique historical chronicle, return to the past to explain only one thing, more precisely, the weapon changes, the place changes, but the horror of death in war remains the same. And along with human life, unique worlds, unfulfilled ideas, unborn children are destroyed.
Et cetera
24 min