Dmitriy Vasyukov
Dmitriy Vasyukov
В 1979 году окончил Высшее театральное училище им. Б.В.Щукина. Работал ассистентом режиссера и вторым режиссером на киностудии «Мосфильм». Режиссер ЗАО «Парк ВИ Продакшн».
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Home is the story of four generations of a family of Russian Americans, descendants of the Golitsyns, a distinguished princely family. After fleeing Russia, they made their way to France, and from there to the United States. For more than two decades now they have lived in Alaska. This former Russian territory in some mysterious way provides a link if not to their native country, then to their Fatherland, which none of them has ever seen. In its wanderings this large family has not preserved material treasures, but rather their nobility and dignity—the foundation upon with their Home was built.
152 min
The documentary film Another Life continues the main theme of The Happy People series: man’s faith in himself and his great capacity for survival. This is a film about strong people who are free spirits and who are not concerned with the majority of things that excite city dwellers. Perhaps these fates can serve as an example, can help us see ourselves through another person’s eyes, and allow us to take a new look at our own lives.
Another life
150 min
We are looking for ourselves (our place) in the disturbing present, in the vague future, sometimes looking into the past, we avert our eyes in fright. Meanwhile, in our country, not on that European patch where we hustle, constantly complaining, but on the whole vast Russian expanse, another life breathes. It depends little on everything that is commonly called the values ​​of civilization, but it breathes deeply. The harsh nature of the north, vast deserted expanses, sea and river fisheries, as one of the main sources of life support, all this formed a unique way of life for Russia, its own culture and even its own special language, which Lomonosov attributed along with Russian and "Little Russian" to the three main Russian dialects. All this together created a completely special human type, a special “Pomor character”, rooted in the White Sea land and absolutely self-sufficient in this rootedness.
102 min
The traditional way of hunting and fishing of the people living on the Yenisei, namely, Russians, Keto (Yenisei Ostyaks), herrings. Their history and present. The inseparable connection of man with the river and taiga as a model of traditional nature management. Four series, each of which reflects the life of the Yenisei in one of the seasons.
Happy people
78 min