Alexander Abaturov
Alexander Abaturov
Graduated from Gorky University in Yekaterinburg. He worked as a journalist for Federal Press. Later he received a master's degree in documentary film directing in Lusse (France). Participated in many international film festivals.
In the summer 2021, an exceptional heatwave and drought led to giant fires ravaging 19 million hectares in northeastern Siberia. In this region, at the heart of the taiga, lies the village of Shologon soon to be coated by a thick cloud of smoke. Spread by the wind, the black ashes carry alarming news: the forest is on fire and the flames are fast approaching. The government has left them to fend for themselves, and the inhabitants must rally to fight the Dragon.
90 min
Russia is a huge country full of contrasts and contradictions. Big cities, endless forests, steppes, swamps and snowy fields stun, intrigue and enchant. In this film, viewers will see Russia through the lenses of modern Russian photographers Igor Mukhin, Elena Anosova, Danila Tkachenko, Alexander Gronsky, Valery Nistratov and many others who worked in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the Urals and the Far East, the Far North and Chechnya.
La Russie dans l'objectif
74 min
Dima was killed on the 23rd of May 2013 at the age of 21. Enlisted in the Russian army, he was shot in the head during a military operation in Dagestan. His parents face the void following his death, whilst the army continues to train young soldiers for future missions. The two universes intertwine to portray what Dima's life was like and its brutal end.
The Son
71 min
Atchinsk, 2500 miles away from Moscow, a Siberian town to which Soviet dissidents and, before them, the Tsar's opponents were deported. Campaign for presidential elections. Cold winter. The people are not really keen on talking politics. Iouri, political hireling working for Putin's party explains the inner mechanic of the system. Somehow, democratic life appears to be a theatre...
Sleeping souls
52 min