Anna Shishova
Anna Shishova
Documentary filmmaker. Graduated from Moscow State University with a degree in Modern Russian History and from VGIK (documentary filmmaking). Directed and produced several documentaries for ARTE.
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Anya était une adolescente ordinaire qui rêvait d'améliorer la condition des citoyens russes. En mars 2018, elle est arrêtée et incarcérée, accusée d'avoir formé un groupe extrémiste dans le but de renverser violemment le gouvernement. Durant les trois années qui suivent l’arrestation d’Anya, sa mère Julia lutte désespérément pour prouver l'innocence de sa fille. Julia passe, malgré elle, du statut de citoyenne apolitique à celui de défenseure des droits humains.

Projection suivie d’une discussion avec la réalisatrice !

Anya was an ordinary teenager who dreamed of making life in Russia better. In March 2018, she was arrested and incarcerated on charges of forming an extremist group with the aim to violently overthrow the government. During three following years, her mother Julia desperately struggles to prove her daughter’s innocence. Fighting for justice and learning the real state of affairs step-by-step, Julia has been transformed from an apolitical citizen into a passionate human rights activist.
The New Greatness Case
92 min
On the very edge of the village of Ponazyrevo, in a wooden house with the loud name "Rehabilitation Center", people who have nowhere to go live. The center was organized and sheltered by the rector of the prison church, the priest Father Evgeny. There are strict rules in the house, no alcohol, but from time to time, someone breaks down, starts drinking, leaves. Then he returns. Miron wandered after his release from prison, he did not have a home. He was found dying in an abandoned car and given shelter. He is crippled, half of his body is paralyzed. Outside the taiga window, the family broke up, past ties were broken. How do such people live, what do they think, what do they feel, what can they hope for, what helps them survive?
On the edge
49 min
The whistling of klaxons, the cries of street beggars, howling, screeching, dirt, an endless panorama of faces, streets, cities, roads. A poor and such a foreign country. For several months now I have been following the girl Katya around India with a camera. Where and why is she going?
51 min
Somewhere far away, on a small island in the Pacific Ocean, one man dreamed of starting a family.
Pacific Ocean
25 min