Olexandr Techynsky
Olexandr Techynsky
Украинский режиссер и оператор. Обладатель главного приза в национальной программе Одесского кинофестиваля, приза ФИПРЕССИ, "Артокфест" и других кинофестивалей.
White winter blizzard covers everything. We can rely now only on saints, on our prayers. The future has sailed away, with us left behind. Astray, we did not board the magic ship. The task at hand is simple — not to perish in the fog, not to die from the cold, not to get trapped under the ice. Not to fall in our own snares. Or are we all in one big trap anyway? Running around in a small circle, counting those who vanished.
82 min
This film is not about the revolution that changed Ukraine in the winter of 2013/2014. Rather, he shows the universal pattern of a certain kind of uprising and protest, those that end in bloodshed. At first, the noble desire for freedom clashes with the dark forces of repressive authorities. Then, after confusion and chaos, the righteous anger of the people is replaced by pure rage. After the first losses on both sides, no matter what looks black and white from the outside, in the midst of the battle, the line between good and evil begins to blur. In the end, everything is on fire.
All Things Ablaze
81 min
Three months of revolution. From indignant protest to popular unity. From pots on your head to clubs and bulletproof vests. From the euphoria of victory to the mourning of the dead from the Heavenly Hundred. The revolution is like an explosion of awakened dignity, like the euphoria of freedom, like the pain of realizing the price, like the birth of the newest history of Ukraine. Just a few weeks after the end of the revolution, the organizing committee of the International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival "Docudays UA" hot on the trail of the filmmakers who filmed the Ukrainian protest asked them to provide their best footage to be shown at the opening of the festival. Episodes of future films about Euromaidan have formed a kaleidoscope of revolution that needs no comment.
Euromaidan. Rough cut
82 min
A tour guide, a military man, a bank clerk, an aircraft mechanic and dozens of other restless men from all over Ukraine gather every autumn in Uman to work during the Hasidic pilgrimage for the Rosh Hashanah holiday. For four days, tens of thousands of Hasidim in a festive mood, with songs, dances and a huge amount of luggage, come to this tiny town in a continuous stream. For four days, local "porters" sleep for 3 hours in makeshift halabuds on the side of the road, and the rest of the time they carry tons of cargo on themselves in order to earn their two-month salary in a short time. Along the way, they constantly have to seek mutual understanding with an almost "alien" client and with each other. But it’s hard to upset them with something, because they are sure: “God knows what he is doing.”
Sirs and senoras
35 min