Alena Surzhikova
Alena Surzhikova
Эстонский кинодокументалист. Закончила Санкт-Петербургский университет кино и телевидения. Работала на Пятом канале Санкт-петербургского телевидения и на телеканалах Эстонии. Глава фирмы «Диафильм» по производству документального кино и телепрограмм.
Stories about people who studied in one of the largest schools in Tallinn, lived in the largest residential area in very similar apartments, played very similar games. Many years after leaving school the director finds his classmates in different parts of the world. A symbol of the common past is a questionnaire, where the most important thoughts and the most tender feelings are recorded. Someone today lives in Berlin, someone in Cambodia, someone in Moscow, but at a meeting 25 years later friends laugh and joke as if they finished school only yesterday.
Soviet friendsbook
90 min
A woman’s biggest joy is giving the gift of life to a new human being. The biggest pain – the loss of a child – helps to see the beauty in life. This film is about life and how miraculous it is that we are alive.
Waiting for a miracle
14 min
Russian biggest summer resort Sotchi has been chosen the venue of the Winter Olympic Games of 2014. President Putin has promised enough snow for the Games, no traffic jams and big investments in building the Olympic facilities. How it will effect the neighbouring small villages and if they succeed to survive and keep the living pace they are used to?
Paradise Behind the Fence
46 min
A documentary story about collector Misha's search for love and happiness. He is 32 years old, he lives alone in Narva and with his mother in Tallinn. Misha is a born comedian. In his image there are features of Papanov and Leonov. Outwardly, a little full, clumsy, but touching and educated person. Misha's dream is to buy a Volga car and find a wife, in search of which the guy goes on dates with different ladies. Friend Yuri gives him good advice that every bachelor can take note of. Can the dream come true if the ladies come across with three children, and the Volga 3102 car is no longer being produced.
Bachelor and Volga
28 min
Modern "Cherry Orchard" around the Tallinn Airport. Due to the expansion of the runways, people are losing the land on which they have been growing gardens for decades. The gardeners are former employees of factories in Tallinn that closed in the 1990s. Many of them came to Estonia by distribution from all parts of the USSR. First, there was no country, then the factory, and now there will be no vegetable garden, received from the factory a long time ago. The loss of ties with the earth, the development of technological progress leaves behind the old generation of a bygone era.
Not my land
52 min
In modern Estonia, a modern factory employs modern workers, a Russian, a Ukrainian and a Chinese. They try to understand each other and the society in which they find themselves.
Worker portrait
28 min
The story of the modern Cinderella, who is looking for her betrothed, first in prison, and then in Turkey.
Miss Robinson
28 min
A film about ordinary teenagers from sleeping areas. By their incomplete sixteen, they have already managed to try a lot. At 11, the first cigarette, at 12, the first intoxication, at 13, the first love with all the ensuing consequences. The main character of the picture, Snezhana, had already quit smoking by the age of 16, because she had given birth to a child. The film is an observation of the life of a young couple who are expecting a baby. The film was filmed for 2 years. One year before birth and one year after birth.
Generation 0
29 min