Taissia Reshetnikova
Taissia Reshetnikova
Режиссер, выпускница режиссерского факультета ВГИК, курс Алексея Учителя, снимает документальные и короткометражные игровые фильмы.
Date of birth
St. Petersburg and Leningrad are two names of the same city and two eras. The film tells about the attempt of the younger generation to understand and realize the heroic past of the city, and at the same time the story of Elizaveta Pavlovna Novozhenina, who survived the Siege and the most difficult events in the life of Leningrad. The film is about how the city, its culture, spirit and history, unites the destinies of completely different people, sometimes unfamiliar and completely different from each other.
Two Names of One City
27 min
Julia and Paul are not your usual couple. They come to the lesson of the professor of ropes to learn the secrets of his skill.
The Ropes
15 min
Masha is a bright girl who knows the value of her beauty and charisma. The price is so high that she can afford not to work, have a car, an apartment, live in the center of the capital and not worry about anything. It would seem, what else can you dream of? However, Masha's soul asks for more, money and expensive gifts for some reason no longer bring happiness. And one day fate gives her such a chance. Masha starts a video blog on Youtube, where she tells the girls about what she knows firsthand, namely, how to get hooked in Moscow, how to take care of yourself, how to meet a rich man, how to keep him. And from that moment on, Masha's life changes dramatically.
Sweet life
40 min
This film is a portrait of a generation. Each participant is asked, “What is your problem? What worries you? It's amazing how different answers can be, and how much you can sometimes worry about things that seem insignificant. Many problems are not as terrible as they seem at first glance, many problems we invent for ourselves, and compared to some problems, all the rest seem to be just nonsense. We create problems for ourselves by thinking, suffering and talking about them. But what would we do without them?
No problems
26 min
The fate of small business in Russia. Five completely different stories about entrepreneurs, their successes and failures, the joys and difficulties of their business.
Business in a Russian Way
47 min
A film about choices in life. Any significant decision can fundamentally change our destiny. What if you're only 16 and the life of another person depends on you? Only standing on the edge of the abyss, you can realize what is really dear to you.
10 min