Ekaterina Eremenko
Ekaterina Eremenko
Окончила отделение кинорежиссуры ВГИКа (мастерская Марлена Хуциева), позже — школу документального кино «Дискавери Кампус Мастерскул» в Мюнхене (Германия). Основательница компании «EEFilms».
Date of birth
Every week, hundreds of children in different cities of the world meet to solve complex problems. Who they are, why they do it and how, in the movie “Math Circles Around the World”.
Math Circles Around the World
45 min
Six university professors of math and physics wanted to share the beauty of their research. They organize a competition with the hope of inspiring artists to create ground breaking pieces, based on modern science. A jury of six experts in art, fashion and architecture were invited to judge the results. One may think, that in contrast to mathematical beauty, artistic beauty can be appreciated without a complete understanding. Unexpectedly, mathematical rigor is replaced by artistic rigor; the overconfidence of scientists in the beauty of their research clashes with the modern artists world view. A film by Ekaterina Eremenko 2018 EEFilms
Head, Heart and Soul
57 min
A drama about penetration into the subglacial Antarctic Lake Vostok and at the same time the story of an unfinished Hollywood film based on Loughcraft's book "The Ridges of Madness".
Lake Vostok. At the Mountains of Madness.
91 min
Just as you don't have to be an athlete to enjoy a sports match, you don't have to be a scientist to enjoy a scientific conference if you have the right commentator.
Whispers of String Theory
24 min
The film shows the process of a collective search for an original solution to a mathematical problem. The best specialists from different countries came together at the Berlin Center for Discretization in Geometry and Dynamics to answer the question "What is the largest triangle in ...?" However, the wording of the question will sound completely only at the end of the film, when the problem is solved.
Literal geometry
65 min
To most of us, mathematics seems abstract, mysterious, complex, and even out of reach. And at the same time, it is the language in which the world speaks to us. Mathematics can be sensual. She has taste, she sounds and has color. It can be felt and it can be touched.
Colors of Math
59 min
In 1982, 26 children were enrolled in a special physics and mathematics class. Those who got into this elite school were guaranteed a predictable future, the guys were preparing to become mathematicians, physicists and serve their homeland. Then came the restructuring. One of the students in this class was the author and director of the film Ekaterina Eremenko. The film has many poles, subjective honest stories and objective strict physical laws used as metaphors; half the class who left the country and classmates living in Russia; past and present; children and their parents.
My class
88 min
Members of the Society of Amateur Canary Breeders are all male. On Sunday afternoon, they come to Moscow from different parts of the country, united by a single desire to win a canary singing competition.
Russian canary
58 min