Elena Laskari
Elena Laskari
Окончила режиссерский факультет ВГИКа. За 10 лет работы в кино и на телевидении сняла более 40 документальных фильмов и сериалов. Неоднократный призер отечественных и международных фестивалей.
Date of birth
A film-portrait of the outstanding conductor Vladimir Yurovsky, who led the London Philharmonic Orchestra and the E. Svetlanov State Symphony Orchestra for many years. Now Yurovsky is the general musical director of the Bavarian State Opera and the artistic director of the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra. A man of the world, open to different cultures, but missing the Moscow winter.
Vladimir Yurovsky. Longing for winter
52 min
On New Year's Eve, the ambulance service of the city of Torzhok has a lot of work. Someone fried cutlets and burned themselves, someone broke his leg, someone had a sixth birth, and someone just got drunk and fell right under the wheels of a passing car, the daughter beat the old mother, and the man had all the signs of a heart attack, but he refuses to be hospitalized, hoping for the Russian "maybe". People argue, cry, resist. And only under anesthesia they calm down and become silent.
79 min
The phrase "Children's Hospice" causes many to be taken aback. People try to isolate themselves from extraneous problems, close themselves from someone else's grief. One day, fate brought Olya, a former successful actress, mother of many children and a happy wife, to one of these hospices. What could have prompted her to quit her career and start giving all her warmth to other people's children? What inner spiritual motives make people become volunteers and is it so easy to take on someone else's pain?
Giving joy away. Olya
53 min
Natasha lives in the small village of Shelemishevo with her grandmother and sister. The mother of the girls died, the father had a different family. Very soon Natasha will be 18 years old. "I've been waiting for this for so long!" she says on the eve of her birthday.
Where's Matryona?
81 min
The small town of Kalyazin on the banks of the Volga is famous for its bell tower rising right out of the water. More than half a century ago, during the construction of the Uglich hydroelectric power station, half of the city was flooded. Quiet sleepy streets that go straight into the river make this place really special. Like a mermaid who has climbed ashore, Kalyazin anxiously breathes the half-heartedness of his earthly fate. But every day bread is baked, children are born, women bend over sewing machines, men work behind the machines, asserting the desperate struggle of life where it seems that everything is meaningless and fleeting. Like a river along which large elegant steamboats sail past the bell tower, saying that somewhere there is a completely different life.
The Town Festival
75 min
Tatyana came from Moldova to the Ryazan region in search of a better life. She has four sons whom she raises without a husband. And somewhere in the world live a few dozen more of her children. “God forbid that everything is fine with them!” reflects the heroine, who is again in position.
Tatiana and her Children
70 min
In recent years, a special “folk craft” has developed in Russia, the production of paintings, which are then sold in markets, highways, and street exhibitions. The film tells about the artel of female artists working in this most popular and democratic genre of fine arts.
Larisa`s crew
62 min
The most important ceremony in your life is your funeral. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to say goodbye to you? What will your coffin be like, what will you wear, will there be music, and who will accompany you on your last journey?
56 min
Once a director with a German surname Del read from Saltykov-Shedrin that "Skopin is such a city where every person has no need to live." And then the idea came to him to create in a small provincial town in the Ryazan region, "where a person has no need to live," a real theater.
Del and its Limit
64 min
The film is dedicated to the work of one of the most famous Russian composers, the author of the first Soviet rock opera Alexander Zhurbin. The 4 episodes tell about the different facets of the composer's work, about symphonic music, about musical theater, about cinema, about pop songs. The film is built as a monologue of the protagonist, the shooting was carried out in Moscow, Tashkent, New York, St. Petersburg. The composer's wife, poet and translator Irina Ginzburg, and the son, composer Lev Zhurbin, take part in the film.
Alexander Zhurbin: an attempt at self-portrait
199 min
Simon Elevich Shnol is a professor, Doctor of Biological Sciences, one of the organizers of the world's first Department of Biophysics at the Faculty of Physics of Moscow State University. An amazing memory and the talent of a storyteller easily unite different episodes of life in time and space. Through the prism of the biography of Simon Elevich, we see a whole era, from the repressions of the 1930s and the devastation of the war years to the revival of the country and the formation of new scientific knowledge.
From 0 to 80
26 min
Little short stories from the life of the Leningrad poet Oleg Grigoriev. His fate, like his poems, is a changeling, where good and evil exist under each other's masks.
Portrait "under the fly"
55 min
An ordinary day for an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. However, not quite ordinary, but festive, Police Day. Everyday life of an ordinary department against the backdrop of the speeches of the chiefs and the President's speech dedicated to the Police Day. A separate protagonist of the film is a monument to Lenin.
Police Day
44 min