Konstantin Selin
Konstantin Selin
Окончил сценарную мастерскую французских кинодокументалистов (Элен Шатлен, Кристоф Постик). Позже поступил на факультет неигрового кино СПбГУКиТ (мастерская П.М. Медведева). Параллельно окончил факультет фотожурналистики имени Гальперина.
The war surrounds Dmitry Poshtarenko everywhere. At the age of five, he found his first soldier in the courtyard of the house. Since then, Dmitry has been constantly involved in the search for soldiers who died during the Second World War. Determines the identity of the deceased, searches for his relatives, transfers the preserved things, resurrecting the memory of him. A few years ago, Dmitry decided to create images of missing soldiers in the form of sculptures frozen during the battle. Now he is surrounded by hundreds of newborn people, in whose eyes there is a dumb question, for what they died and why did they return to this crippled world?
68 min
A collective image of one day of life in the "red zone" of a covid hospital, where doctors and patients are fighting COVID-19.
Third wave
18 min
Thousands of people take to the streets of St. Petersburg to express their opinion on the latest events in the country. Among them is the forty-year-old taxi driver Georgy, who is taking part in a protest for the first time. The film is a portrait of modern Russia. Broken silence whispers and screams.
Summer 2331
15 min
Microsurgeon Vadim Keosyan is known far beyond Krasnoyarsk due to his talent and professional achievements. He has been working at the Regional Clinical Hospital for 20 years, where he performs elective surgeries, and also helps people who have suffered work-related injuries. Patients who have lost their fingers and hands call Vadim Keosyan a magician, he succeeds in what seems to them a miracle, to sew severed limbs so that they begin to function again.
Get my hands back
52 min
Oleg and Andrey are truck drivers who have spent most of their lives driving large trucks. After many years of working around the clock, they managed to build a business and solve material problems. They could do what they love and adequately provide for their families. When in November 2015 tolls were introduced in Russia on all federal highways for heavy trucks, the life of drivers changed dramatically. The charging system was called “Platon” (“fee per ton”). Late at night, Andrei and Oleg, along with other truckers, left St. Petersburg for Moscow to cancel this system.
Chronicles of an unhappened revolution
82 min
Yana and Sylvia. Two women. Two mothers. Every day is a new stage that must be overcome on the way to a happy life.
A new happy life will begin soon
36 min
A film-portrait of a young writer from the Krasnoyarsk Territory Alexander Sarapov (literary pseudonym - Bronsky). Alexander passed away tragically early, at the age of 24, but his work had a great influence on people close to him, on readers, aroused interest among figures in cinema and literature.
26 min